How You know You're Spending Too Much On High-End Beauty Products:

1. You starve for a week so you can afford to buy the new Naked Eyeshadow Pallet.

2. You consider naming your firstborn Anastasia Beverly Hills (and your second Smashbox).

3.  Your husband switches your monthly budget from $50 to 14 cents. 

4. You sell your kidney on the black market to afford Neiman Marcus foundation.

5. The hair on the back of your neck stands up every time you open a new container of 'Take a Deep Breath' moisturizer by Philosophy and see that satisfyingly perfectly smooth surface.

6. You look like this every time you have to stick your finger and completely demolish the perfectly smooth surface of your 'Take a Deep Breath' by Philosophy moisturizer:

7. You scrape the corners of your Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner to get every last bit so you can stall having to buy a new one. 

8.You make this face when you walk passed the beauty isle at the local drugstore:

9. Your husband has to work 8 jobs to pay off your credit card debt so you can keep buying high-end products (does this kind of man even exist?! idk).

10. You forget to pick up your child from school because Mac is having a "Buy one lipstick get another for 5% off" sale at Macy's.