Biore Charcoal Pore Strips

Biore Charcoal Pore Strips
Overall Score: 4/10

Review: I have tried the Deep Cleansing Biore Pore Strips before and I have been amazed by how much crap they pulled out from my nose. I even tried it on my husband and the dermatologist inside of me cried a little bit. The little white spikes of pore gunk that covered the strip were so satisfying, I get chills just thinking about it. I could see a noticeable difference before and after using the pore strip so it's effectiveness was evident, but they cost a whoppin' 8 bucks and honestly sometimes it comes down to that or dinner. Obviously I choose food cause my husband is 6'3, 210 lbs and he absolutely "NEEDS" food apparently and allowing your husband to eat instead of buying pore strips is part of my"wifely duties" apparently (I won't believe it until I see it written down in a peer-reviewed journal or something). Anyway, I bought these $6 charcoal pore strips on Amazon cause they're SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper (catch my sarcasm) but I also have never tried out this whole "activated charcoal is the answer to all of the worlds problems" trend. Long story short, I was disappointed. First of all, the box came smashed which is no biggie but still a little annoying considering you're paying actual money for it. I asked my husband to participate in this one with me cause guys have the most disgustingly amazing dirty pores on their noses cause I swear it never crosses their mind to actually use a little face wash on that biz.

 We wet our noses and slapped them on like the instructions directed and waited like 10 minutes until they were completely dry and my husband got unreasonably impatient.

When we pulled them off we were both super disappointed because there was little to no pore gunk. At all. I seriously wanted to throw a fit cause I was stoked out of my mind to experience the overwhelming feeling I got after seeing the gunk on the Deep Cleansing pore strips. It seemed like the pore strip pulled off more dead skin than anything which I guess is better than nothing, but you could still see so many dirty black pores, especially all over my husband's nose, which we did not see with the other pore strips.

 Overall, I was disappointed with this product. The quality seemed fine especially cause it's from a reupitable brand, but it proved not to be when it literally did the bare minimum. The price was better, compared to the $8 ones from Walmart which I will give credit for, but if you are looking for quality at a low cost I would not recommend buying this product.



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