All About Me

Hey guys!

My name is Alexa Harris and I was born and raised in Calgary, Canada but now I live in Springville, Utah! I am married to a wonderful, smart and extremely handsome man who is a far better person than I am and I attend Utah Valley University where I am in my junior year, pursing a degree in Communications, Public Relations.

Ever since I began high school, my passion for makeup and fashion began to flourish. I bought all of the most expensive brands, it seemed like every trip I took to Sephora put me out at least $200. I was constantly broke but my love for makeup was more of a priority to me than starting a savings account.

I met my husband one week after I moved down to Utah, which was a decision I made on a whim (ummm...fate?!). We were friends at first, then we dated for about a year before we were married on April 28th, 2017 in the Payson, Utah LDS Temple.

After I was married, my bad spending habits continued... or at least my desire to spend was still very much there. Lucky for me however, I married the most financially savvy human being on the entire planet. Like the thought of spending $50 on makeup was not even comprehendable in his mind, so something had to change.

Now don't get me wrong, if I could I would totally still spend loads of money on beauty products but my goal is to prove to myself and to everyone else out there that I CAN and I WILL keep up with beauty trends but stay on the $50 monthly budget my husband assigned to me. We can do this together!!

I will be posting videos/ pictures every week of me (and sometimes my husband) trying on the cheap beauty supplies that I buy at Walgreens/CVS along with online stores like Amazon and Wish. I will then write a VERY honest and short review (cause lets be real no one wants to read a 2 page post that I write), then I will give an overall score out of 10 on the quality of the product and cost (10 being very cheap and good quality, 1 being way too expensive or very poor quality). I look forward to testing out products that I have seen and wanted to try, and I am absolutely open to suggestions every week!

I am so excited to share my Budget Beauty adventure with the internet world and for all I am going to learn along the way! To celebrate, I will post some photos from my life for you all to try and enjoy!



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