Kitijumei Gel Lipstick

Kitijumei Gel Lipstick
Overall Score: 7/10

Hey Guys! For the past few months I have seen so many youtube and Facebook videos of this amazing looking lipstick from China or Japan or whatever. Its that lipstick thats clear with a little flower inside, but when you put it on your lips it comes out as a perfect, glossy shade of pink. I have been completely mind blown by this product ever since the first time I scrolled passed one of those videos on Facebook that automatically starts playing and you have absolutely no choice at that point but to watch, so I went ahead and ordered some on Amazon. The brand that I ordered is called Kailijumei which probably has a beautiful meaning but I have NO FREAKIN' clue how to pronounce it so thats why I'm writing a blog post about this one and not posting a video :) Anyway, I'll attach a photo of the box it came in below!

Before I ordered it I read a butt ton of review online about the product to make sure I found the best one for the cheapest price. When I stumbled upon the kailujuibfjeiwbaj one that I ended up ordering, I read a lot of reviews about how it dries out your lips and has a very chemically taste so naturally, I decided to order it. I bought 3 colors, Flame Red, Barbie Doll Powder Pink and Dream Purple for like $17 which I thought was a decent price for 3 whole lipsticks.

When I took them out of the packages I was completely blown away. The lipstick case had a MIRROR on it. China thinks of EVERYTHING am I right!? And in order to get the lipstick out you press a button on it and the lipstick pops out like the freakin jack-in-the-box scene from Elf. It's incredible. Anyway the lipstick looked exactly how I pictured it, it was clear although it had a slight pink or red tint and it had a flower and gold flakes in the gel part that you rub on your lips.

I could not even contain myself and I put it on almost immediately after removing it from the package.

I put the Barbie Doll Powder color on first and OH MY HECK there was color! Like seriously, as soon as I touched it to my lips there was color. The color wasn't very strong but I actually quite liked ow subtle it was.

I tried on the Red Flame color next and once again I was amazed at the color that appeared on my lips, however it looked exactly the same as the pink one. Like no difference. I tried wiping it off again and using an oil based makeup removed and then I replied it to make sure there wasn't any pink left over that may be affecting the color, but it still looked exactly the same. I also noticed that the color is really really heard to get off, which might be a positive to some people and usually it is to me too, except for the fact that I needed to take it off to try on the next color.

Last, I tried on the Dream Purple and I had pretty high expectations after the pink and red one but once again it looked exactly the same as the Barbie Doll Powder Pink color that I tried on first. It may have had a very slight purple tint but it was hardly noticeable.

Between each color, I wiped my lips off with a wipe and you could see a very obvious pink color each time. It was incredible!

Overall, I was fairly pleased with this product, although if I were to buy it again I would only order the Barbie Doll Powder Pink color because it would save money and it appeared to be the only color that was true to its name. I ended up leaving the Purple Dream color on to see how it lasted throughout the rest of the day. I found that after an hour or two of having it on the gloss was gone but the color remained, which was definitely a positive aspect to this product. My lips did feel fairly dry by the end of the day which was mentioned in one of the reviews I read online and the taste wasn't exceptional, but it definitely didn't have a chemical taste to it and it would not stop me from purchasing it in the future. It definitely didn't taste any worse than Mac lipstick.



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