Spot Cleaner Head Blemish Pore Cleanser

Spot Cleaner Head Blemish Pore Cleanser
Overall Score:1/10

Not going to lie I had really high hopes for this product. I watched so many videos of people using it and watching all of the gunk get sucked out of their pores was so dang satisfying. I decided to use it on my husband because he has so many deep black pores in his nose I thought that without a doubt it would pull something out of his nose.

The product arrived looking exactly how I thought it would, like a cheap piece of plastic. It came with no batteries, which I was not at all expecting and that was my first red flag. Once I tore my closet apart and found a battery, I tried turning it on and it would only stay on if I held the switch down which made it nearly impossible to use.

Despite these setbacks, I decided to give the pore sucker (pun intended) a try. Here's the video I took while my husband was using this product:
As you can see from this video it absolutely did not work. I even tried it briefly on my Dad who hasn't done anything to clean out his pores in his 60 years of life and nothing happened. The suction was very weak and the entire contraption looked like it was made by a 4th grader. 
I am trying to make these posts shorter because I've heard that people are more interested in actually reading the entire blog post if it is shorter and more to the point. So to keep it brief, this product sucks  (or barely sucks at all) and don't waste you're money on it, even though it only costs like $2 on wish.